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proposapropo. it pulls back cuts to social security, approves new money for education and higher taxes for the wealthy. it also includes projection on unemployment. ton employment rate was 6.6% in january and it's projected to not hit prerecession levels. falls to 5.4% in 2018. that's ten years after the recession began. >>> electronic retailer radioshack says it's close about 1,100 of its stores. in stores that were open at least a year, sales dropped 19% last quarter. radioshack has admitted its stores are out of date and needs a makeover. >>> and unite airlines is cracking down on passengers with oversized bags. they'll be sent back to ticket counter, they'll be charged a $25 bagged fee. too many passengers are trying to put too much in the overhead bin. anne-marie. >> i've seen those. they're basically suitcases they're trying to pass off as carry- carry-on. >>> texas held its first state wide election at this time of year. she won the democratic nomination for governor. she'll face attorney general greg abbott. cornyn and sessions defeated tea party challenges and george p. bush w
trillion budget plan for 2015 today. he'll propose expanding the earned income tax credit for low-income workers and give a break to parents on child care expenses. he also wants more money for infrastructure, education and job training but congress will most likely ignore. democrats and republicans just signed a two-year budget agreement. >>> the epa announced plans to drastically reduce sulfur in gasoline. the agency says the air will stay cleaner and save thousands of lives. it estimates it will only raise gasoline by a penny a gallon. but the oil industry says it will cost an extra 9 cents a gallon. the new rules start taking in effect in 2017. >>> the dish network signed a deal with disney that could change the future of tv. it lets the satellite network stream abc shows over the internet like netflix. no start date has been announced. dish also reaches controversial ads for abc shows. >>> and, anne-marie, the rich are getting richer. forbes says a record 1645 people made the billionaires list. microsoft co-founder bill gates is once again the world's richest person with an e
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2